About Us

We love taking on projects which make us think, your space work and attract new audiences.

We believe that any space can be transformed into a place of excitement, a place of pleasure and a place for entertainment, engagement or education. We are a team of builders, creative constructors, intelligent designers and ‘English’ speaking technicians but with our feet firmly grounded yet able to focus on delivering projects which go beyond the initial brief.

Our clients are varied – from large hotels to young startups, from immersive cinema to fringe theatre and as such our portfolio is extremely wide-ranging working with a wide range of technologies, materials and talented professionals. Recently we have transformed a rooftop terrace into a hideaway treehouse, created a festive community market and transformed an empty church hall into an amazing nursery school.

We underline this with a solid CSR programme – we believe in giving young people a helping hand, be it in developing their musical talents or using our resources to develop their own ideas and businesses.